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    <allpages apcontinue="B.布莱希特" />
      <p pageid="71215" ns="0" title="B.A.A.墨索里尼" />
      <p pageid="222887" ns="0" title="B.A.W.罗素" />
      <p pageid="246749" ns="0" title="B.F.斯金纳" />
      <p pageid="92542" ns="0" title="B.N.叶利钦" />
      <p pageid="198540" ns="0" title="B.P.胡亚雷斯" />
      <p pageid="194689" ns="0" title="B.P.鲍恩" />
      <p pageid="49269" ns="0" title="B.古登堡" />
      <p pageid="198174" ns="0" title="B.吉许" />
      <p pageid="216622" ns="0" title="B.墨索里尼" />
      <p pageid="42924" ns="0" title="B.富兰克林" />